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    Data-driven design to optimize wind turbine foundation

    12 december 2023
    Question: what is the best integral design for wind turbine tower and foundation? Can the stiffness requirement be made less stringent? And if so, what is the effect on the foundation? How much excess capacity is there really?
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    Dynamic wind energy product developments

    06 juni 2023
    Standard or custom foundations Windbase is convinced that wind turbines are a key sector to the energy transition. As with other sustainable developments, the standardization of wind turbine foundations is to provide an important contribution. Over the years, the sizes and powers of wind turbines have increased dramatically. The ...
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    Pushing back boundaries with standardised foundation design

    04 juli 2022
    Aspiravi and Windbase enjoy partnership going back 10 years Onshore wind energy is Windbase's field, in the Netherlands and abroad. The structural design of foundations for wind turbines is its core business. Belgian green energy developer Aspiravi has been a Windbase customer for ten years. We talked to Fred Popelier (left on the ...
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    Integral advice for the construction of Windplanblauw

    10 februari 2022
    Article by Paul Schraven - project engineer Combination of technical and procedural expertise In the northwestern corner of Flevoland, the construction of 61 wind turbines, 37 on land (onshore) and 24 on the IJsselmeer (nearshore), is in full swing. The turbines are being built at the Windplanblauw wind farm near the villa...
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    Supporting increasingly larger and heavier cranes

    29 september 2021
    Article by Arie-Jan van Renswoude - geotechnical engineer Recent years have been characterised by a strong demand for and commitment to renewable energy. In the Netherlands, this can be seen mainly in the large numbers of solar panels placed on roofs of companies and houses, and in the increase in wind turbines, which some-times seem t...
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    AI predictions of the load bearing capacity of wind turbine foundations

    13 april 2021
    Presentation by Lex van der Meer, Jeffrey van der Gucht and Qinshuo Shen To even further improve the efficiency of our designs and reduce environmental impact, Windbase is making use of advanced digital technology to make educated design decisions in the early design stage. At the AI in AEC conference, we have shared our work on AI prediction...
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