• 25 juli 2023
    Advanced foundation design

    Every wind turbine foundation requires a specific approach and high-quality design methods. Our design is based on international standards and guidelines to simulate the real situation to the extent possible. This will provide an insight to optimize the wind turbine foundation design and minimize design risks. This method has proven that cost savings of up to 40% can be achieved.

    Foundation design

    The use of high-quality calculation models allows us to simulate more realistic construction costs than with traditional models. Optimal end results require optimal design processes. At WINDBASE, through many years of experience, we know which factors we must consider when designing a foundation. This will minimize design risks and save costs. Our approach is more than knowledge of geotechnics and wind energy and includes crucial coordination with the supplier of the wind turbine.

    At various stages of the project WINDBASE can provide customized foundation designs. In the early stages these are preliminary designs made for assessing the feasibility of a location, applying for permits, cost estimates, comparing different types of wind turbines or as a reference within a contract. Depending on the clients’ wishes and the information available, we will supply drawings including the required quantities and types of material.

    The detailed design for the construction stage consists of the following documents:

    1. Calculation report (structural and geotechnical)
    2. General foundation shape drawing, including pile plan (if applicable) and/or soil improvements
    3. Detailed reinforcement drawing
    4. Reinforcement bending schedules (for information only)
    5. Conduit tube and earthing layout drawing


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    • Article ‘Optimised design of wind turbine gravity foundations’ (Insights and Innovations in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation, sept 2016)During the triennial Structural Engineering Mechanics and Computation event (SEMC), Axel Jacobs (Windbase/ABT) and Peter Loubser (Gibb) presented the newest trends in the field of design methods for wind turbines. Jacobs and Loubser explained in what ways the designing of gravity foundations for wind turbines can be optimized. This advanced design method developed by ABT was applied to a number of South African projects and has already proved its added value there.


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