• 06 juni 2023
    Dynamic wind energy product developments

    Standard or custom foundations 

    Windbase is convinced that wind turbines are a key sector to the energy transition. As with other sustainable developments, the standardization of wind turbine foundations is to provide an important contribution.

    Over the years, the sizes and powers of wind turbines have increased dramatically. The same applies to the loads that turbines must transmit through the foundation to the subsurface. Consequently, foundation design is constantly evolving and growing with the size of wind turbines.


    For ABT, and from 2019 under the name Windbase, quality and optimization have always been the main drivers. Early foundation designs were often based on simple analytical methods. In the 1990s we saw 2D plate models and from 2006 ABT used 3D FEM models. Through new software and ABT / Windbase’s experience, these 3D models have evolved into the versions we use nowadays. Windbase is leading the way in this sector of creating smart optimized foundation designs. They come with certificates that provide customers with optimum security.

    As designers, Windbase always wants to be involved during the construction. Not only to see if the contractor implements the design correctly, but also to learn from it ourselves. Quality is the result of a continuous desire to learn and to adjust products as needed.

    Meanwhile, we also use the data collected from previous foundation designs. This information allows us to use digital techniques to make precise prognostic studies of designs. This method will give clients quick and accurate insights into appropriate foundation solutions. Any uncertainties can be removed early in a project. In this manner Windbase can focus on the quality and development of the product, such as safety (safety by design) and sustainable concrete.


    Part of this development is the move toward more standardization of foundations. This will give customers the choice of a standard or customized design.  Standard designs provide fast and secure solutions that we keep up-to-date to the latest technology and insights. The number of varieties within a standard design are limited. Some preconditions belonging to the product are also a given. Customers can factor those into their considerations.

    Windbase standardized products are expected to increasingly serve the international wind energy market. Their methodology of product development and improvement is an inspiration for (continued) development of other products within ABT and Oosterhoff.


    Afbeelding: The effects of savings in concrete and reinforcement steel for wind turbine foundations

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    Image: Windplan Blauw

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