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    Paul Schraven

    Project engineer
    +31 157 67 67 92


    My name is Paul Schraven, I am a civil engineer who is passionate about creating innovative solutions for wind turbines, water structures and viaducts. I excel at organizing and bringing together the right experts at the right time to get the job done.

    After finishing my studies at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I started working at Grontmij, which later became Sweco. I worked in the department of Harbour and Waterways. This is where I became interested in hydraulic structures. After 12 years, I changed jobs and started working at ABT and Windbase.

    What I do at Windbase

    I am a design manager at ABT and Windbase, overseeing projects related to wind turbine foundations, civil structures, water safety and levee strengthening. Here, I utilize my skills in communication, coordination, and organization to solve problems and complete projects. My role in WindplanBlauw as lead engineer for nearshore foundations and package manager for the BOP onshore is an example of a complex project where my skills were valuable.