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    Wind Farm Tera Kora

    12 december 2023

    Two existing wind farms in Curacao at Tera Korá, 12 turbines installed in 1992, and Playa Kanoa, 18 turbines installed in 1999, were replaced by 10 turbines of the 3 MW class. On behalf of NuCapital, ABT was involved as engineers and for the foundation design. The new wind turbines have a hub height of 80 metres and a rotor diameter of 90 metres. The project was executed in a very short period between May 2010 and December 2010, almost 5 months shorter than usual.

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    Kaartgegevens ©2023
    Kaartgegevens ©2023
    Wind park Veenwieken
    Windpark Veenwieken is a wind farm located in the Netherlands completed in 2018. The project consists of ten turbines with a hub height of 98,4 m and a rotor diameter of 103 m. The rated power per turbine is 2,35 MW and the rated total power is 23,5 MW. The turbines have been provided by Enercon. Further details are mentioned below.Hub height: 98,4 mIEC IIIANumber of turbines: 10Rated power per turbine: 2,35 MWTurbine supplier: EnerconType: Onshore TurbineTip height: 149,9 mRotor diameter: 103 mRated power total: 23,5 MW..
    Wind Farm Castle
    Wind Farm Oostzeedijk

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