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    Stephan Toonen

    Project manager
    +31 6 10621901

    I’ve been working at ABT Since 1994 and I’ve been involved in a lot of different projects. Committing my experience it is my goal to provide you the most optimum advice. Creating a design and seeing the result afterwards gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. Working in the wind energy branch also means working in an area that matters. The climate issue is one of the most important question we stand for. Playing an active role in the sustainability of the world is a pleasure to me.

    Our parametric design process is structured in a way that as much production is done by computers. The benefit is that we use our time and specialism only to make the design the most optimal version, whatever the focus must be for our client. This also happens in a very short time. It is possible for us to produce a preliminary design real time in a meeting and show you directly the impact of the choices made for example.

    Our advanced design methods have proven to lead to up to substantial reduce of CO2 reduction and gives a high score for sustainability. Our slender foundations also are built with lower costs and much faster than traditionally built foundations. These often are important decisions in projects and it is nice to see that we made the difference in projects in the past.

    The technic of the wind turbines above ground level is high-grade and the development is increasing. The same goes for the development of below ground level designs.

    If you are curious what this could mean for your project, please do not hesitate to contact me. I Iook forward to meeting you.