Dutch pioneers
Smart engineers
  • Advanced simulations for crane hardstands at wind turbine projects

    23 oktober 2020

    Recent years have been characterised by a strong demand for and commitment to renewable energy. In the Netherlands, this can be seen mainly in the large numbers of solar panels placed on roofs of companies and houses, and in the increase in wind turbines, which some-times seem to shoot up like mushrooms.   These new wind turbines are acc...

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  • Advanced and smart engineering of wind turbine foundations

    10 september 2020

    Article by Lex van der Meer - FEA specialist   At Windbase we believe that we can contribute to the wind energy market by providing optimised and reliable wind turbine foundation designs within competitive lead times. We use advanced engineering tools such as 3D nonlinear finite element analysis to achieve this. In this short b...

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  • How smart data leads to better designs

    2 juli 2020

    Article by Jeffrey van der Gucht - data analyst   Windbase uses Data Driven Design to create the optimal wind turbine foundation designs. Existing data is analyzed and used within new projects with a clear objective: Creating Better Designs Faster. This approach leads to an optimal balance between cost, sustainability and feasibility. ...

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