Dutch pioneers
Smart engineers
  • Supporting increasingly larger and heavier cranes

    29 september 2021

    Article by Arie-Jan van Renswoude - geotechnical engineer   Recent years have been characterised by a strong demand for and commitment to renewable energy. In the Netherlands, this can be seen mainly in the large numbers of solar panels placed on roofs of companies and houses, and in the increase in wind turbines, which some-times seem t...

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  • AI predictions of the load bearing capacity of wind turbine foundations

    13 april 2021

    Presentation by Lex van der Meer, Jeffrey van der Gucht and Qinshuo Shen To even further improve the efficiency of our designs and reduce environmental impact, Windbase is making use of advanced digital technology to make educated design decisions in the early design stage. At the AI in AEC conference, we have shared our work on AI prediction...

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  • Unusual cooperation at the Geefsweer-Oosterhorn Wind Park

    12 april 2021

    Article by Niek Pouwels Building a wind turbine in the Groningen potter’s clay is like placing a lamppost in pudding. That comparison clarifies a lot; the strictest requirements are imposed on the foundations of the turbines. It was just one of the many challenges facing ABT subsidiary Windbase at the Geefsweer-Oosterhorn Wind Park to the ...

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  • Quick insights with smart algorithms

    12 maart 2021

    Article by Jeffrey van der Gucht At Windbase we are always trying to innovate our methods and services. To do so, we regularly collaborate with universities. One of our latest collaborations was with the Universiteit Twente (UT) master student in Construction Management & Engineering, Qinshuo Shen. The research The goal of Shen’s...

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  • Drivability tests on prefab concrete piles in potclay

    25 januari 2021

    Article by Thomas Lankreijer, Niek Pouwels and Roy Hageman Geotechnical engineering of large pile foundations in challenging conditions; what practical aspects do you need to take into account? In this article Thomas, Niek and Roy explain how they deal with these aspects at Windbase, based on the project wind farm Geefsweer-Oosterhorn ...

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  • The dream of Windbase - product development

    4 januari 2021

    Article by Axel Jacobs - director In addition to the many fantastic wind projects, Windbase is also focusing on the development of wind turbine foundations; improving the quality or our product and the efficiency of our design process. Axel Jacobs (Director Windbase): ‘With our design process, we respond to the climate goals and we ca...

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