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Vasco Veenbergen

Vasco Veenbergen

Soil. Rarely one word can turn out as diverse as is the case with "soil". That is why building both on and into soil is therefore so interesting. Nothing is the same and at every location the subsoil offers another challenge. Sometimes in our favor, sometimes to our disadvantage. My personal drive as a geotechnical advisor at WINDBASE is therefore: to realize the optimal design with healthy respect for the uncertainties and opportunities that the subsoil offers!

With geotechnical engineering as my main job, I am also very interested from the very first day at ABT in wind energy. For me personally, engineering consists of finding the optimal interaction between the subsoil and the wind turbine. Although the subsoil and part above seem to be (and sometimes are) separate worlds, the added value for the project can be greater than the sum of both parts through a good alignment and understanding of each other's worlds. This is particularly important for wind energy because of the large range of different loads from the wind turbine on the foundation and thus reactions from the subsoil.

My education reflects my personal way of working: the practical part of the Institute of Technology combined with the theoretical background of the Delft University of Technology. I am oriented as a troubleshooter with an eye for implementation but I always want to understand the theoretical background. I play a dual role within WINDBASE. On the one hand as a project manager, but because of the passion for technic also as a senior specialist. From pile founded windmills on soft soil to windmills on shallow foundations on top of a sea dike: when am I going to co-operate with you?

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