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Teus Horde

Teus Horde

My name is Teus Horde, working at ABT from 1989 as a civil engineer BSc. I am involved in projects since the first Wind farm project ABT engineered: Wind park Eemsmond in 1995.

In the beginning, I was mainly involved in the geotechnical aspect of the foundation design at the wind farms. In recent years, the engineering required by ABT has been expanded with the design for the required infrastructure (site roads and crane hard stands). My focus has also shifted to this area. In addition to making the necessary calculations, consultation with clients, authorities and contractors also have become part of my role. One of the reasons for this shift is that the design of crane hard stands is partly a tabula rasa; therefor there is still much to discover and to learn. Furthermore in the context of sustainability, wind energy is one of the pillars.

I am proud to belong to the team that fulfills a pioneering role in this.

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