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Axel Jacobs

Axel Jacobs

Having been involved in wind energy since the 1990s, WINDBASE (previously the wind energy branch of ABT) can be considered an authority in foundation design for wind turbines. Wind energy is one the major green energy sources and is literally and figuratively a dynamic and international business. Technology is still developing: more power, higher towers.

Despite the fact that I only play a minor role in the total wind energy branch, I am aware that my contribution is considered important in the total wind energy project. This is what has always motivated me. The greatest project risks are not the wind turbine itself (which is a “standard” factory made product) but more the surroundings and the soil. Our client realises that and therefore looks for a consultant who is involved and dedicated and who knows how to handle these risks.

By looking beyond your own project, you can discover new possibilities for development and improvement. Despite the fact that a wind turbine foundation will always be a block of concrete, today’s foundations look different from those designed 20 years ago. As wind turbines have developed, so cranes have grown too. It is now important to consider soil bearing capacity and settlement. Towers have become so high that standard steel construction methods are no longer sufficient and their size means they cannot be transported by road. Innovative and creative solutions are required to address these issues. And that is exactly what motivates me ever since I started in wind energy.

After graduating, I started work as structural engineer. I also specialised in geotechnical engineering. This combination of specialisations makes innovative solutions possible. I entered the wind energy world in 1995. I am glad that I will still be able to contribute to wind energy for a long time to come.

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